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Broker Fees

Residential properties

At Balanced we believe its really important to be clear and not make information difficult to find, on this page you will find all the details regarding our broker fees.

We think its only fair that we don’t ask you to pay us until we have successfully done the job you have engaged us to do, so if for any reason we cannot obtain a mortgage offer, you will not be charged a broker fee.

Once we have achieved a formal mortgage offer from a lender our broker fee becomes payable. This is where they have assessed your application, valued your property and agreed the loan.

We will always confirm which fee category your application falls into prior to application and before you commit to proceeding with an application.

We will also receive and retain any commission paid by the lender when your mortgage completes. This amount will be confirmed by the lender in their disclosure document which will be provided to you. Should you wish, you can request to view the commission rates from each of the lenders we have considered at the time that we make our recommendation to you.

As our broker fee is only ever payable once we have done our job successfully, it is non-refundable.

We do not charge any fees for any type of insurance advice.


£299 Standard Application

First Time Buyer

House Move

Standard Property Remortgage

Self-employed Residential Purchase or Remortgage

£399 Intermediate Application

Help to Buy Purchase

Shared Ownership Purchase or Remortgage

Right to Buy Purchase or Remortgage

(Whilst in pre-emption period)

Joint Borrower/Sole Proprietor

£599 Complex Application

Adverse Credit History (Any scenario)

Second Charge

Bridging Finance


Debt Consolidation

Regulated Buy to Let

(Where a family member is the tenant)

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